Happy Birthday Ben!

This boy, y’all.  He is seriously a heartbreaker. From his very first session with us at 3 months, he has smiled and laughed, making you feel like you have super human baby soothing skills. His 6 month session he was … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Adrienne!

First birthdays are so special! This is an occasion that will only happen once in their lifetime, and it’s such a sweet, sweet stage in their development. That first year is tough. Having three girls, I know how hard it is … Continue reading

Peach Bloom Sessions

Creative Balance Photography Peach Bloom Minis

I grew up in the South. Here, to be exact. And each year- the peach trees would bloom, and I passed right by each and every season. It was just something that happened every year.  As a photographer, your perception … Continue reading

Our First Post!!

We are so excited to finally have our blog up and running (and linked to our website)! Haley and I started our business last August and never realized it would be like a runaway train, with us always running to try to keep up! We are so thankful for that problem- and now we have a blog!

There’s so much to share, and it’s hard to know where to begin. We began our journey quite blindly- just knowing that we wanted to produce beautiful pictures and place products into the hands of our clients. Along the way, we have learned (are learning) much more about ourselves and our dreams for our business. The idea of creating lasting relationships with our customers, offering outstanding service and experiences, and being able to hand them art that would grace their homes and freeze time so that those memories aren’t just in your mind’s eye. Since August we have learned that there is so much more to owning a business than just taking pretty pictures, but the dream of offering our clients beautiful pictures was our beginning and still what we strive to offer. A journey begins with one foot placed in front of another. This post becomes our first step in sharing our images with the world.